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Achiras Del Huila
Traditional Colombian cookies made with achira flour (native to the region) instead of wheat flour. 25 g
1.81 € 1.81 EUR
Raw sugar (Panela)
Natural sweetener obtained from the evaporation, concentration and crystallisation of sugar cane juice. 4 solid block (450 g)
2.72 € 2.72 EUR
Fig with syrup
Bottle 770g
6.81 € 6.8100000000000005 EUR
Chontaduro in Brine
Tropical fruit bactris gasipaes. Bottle, 770 g
6.36 € 6.36 EUR
Borojó Jelly
Borojó is a superfood that offers a wide range of health benefits, especially in terms of regulating the digestive system. Jelly from alibertia patinoi. Jar 560 g
7.26 € 7.26 EUR
9.08 € 9.08 EUR
Lulo in Syrup
Tropical fruit solanum quitoense. Jar, 790 g
9.08 € 9.08 EUR
Cata's Plantains
Plantain chips chili lime 95g. Extra spicy
2.23 € 2.23 EUR

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