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Lemon Crisps
Package of 28g
1.80 € 1.8 EUR
Plantain chips with Chili and Lemon Dorado
Fried green platain. Bag of 100g
1.87 € 1.87 EUR
Mais Chips Choclitos
Corn chips with flavor. Bag 230g
4.36 € 4.36 EUR
Mani Moto Lemon
Lemon flavoured wheat flour coated peanuts. Sachet of 38g
1.30 € 1.3 EUR
Cheese Tris
Puffed corn covered with a mixture of cheese and a chees-flavored powder. 80 g
2.26 € 2.2600000000000002 EUR
2.01 € 2.0100000000000002 EUR
Golpe con Todo
Delicious mix of American pork rinds, potato chips and plantain chips. 140 g
3.65 € 3.65 EUR
BBQ Palito Diana
Barbecue flavored corn sticks. 200 g
3.12 € 3.12 EUR
Tortrix Spicy
Spicy Fried Corn Flavor. 180 g
3.87 € 3.87 EUR
Colombian Doughnuts
Sachet of 28 g
1.86 € 1.86 EUR
Snacky Caramelo
Sachet of 50g
2.17 € 2.17 EUR
Bacon Chips Tozinetas Fred
Bacon-flavored snacks. Bag 40g
1.69 € 1.69 EUR
Yupis Salados 44g
Sachet of 44g
3.52 € 3.52 EUR

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